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The production technology and management

Along with the information technology development and management of water Flat ahd constantly improve, constantly through the exchange of samples were compared and discussed As an important means to improve the quality of products, How to grasp the link of production, control the production rate, quality Biomass and production workers in job performance, Improvement of manufacturing enterprises greatly production management level.

Total quality management

Standardization is an important prerequisite for quality management , is the need to regulate the implementation of management "No rules, No standards" Working standard is actually separated from the management of standard, It along the products formed this thread ring control input of each working procedure of material Quality, Cengcengbaguan card, fo that the production process in a controlled state. In the technical standard system, various standards are based on product standards The core of the finished product, all in order to achieve the standard of service.

New product development and marketing

To strengthen the work of new product development , trial production To meet the potential demand is an important strategy, Enterprise is the continuous development of the arm Production results together, to promote, To solve the technical problem of the existence of production enterprises. Let enterprises, less detours.

The education and training of employees

Effective enterprise training, In fact, is a process to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. As a matter of fact, The effect of training does not depend on the individual trainee, On the contrary, the enterprise organization itself as An organism, plays a very important role.

Fire safety

Strengthen and standardize the company fire safety management, The fire prevention and harm reduction, guarantee the safety of production company, The development of fire emergency plan, emergency fire when facing the company, To timely and effective integration of human, material resources, In view of the fire quickly implement organized control and fighting, To avoid the fire scene of panic disorder, To minimize casualties and property losses.

We will start operation in the global scope, is committed to a variety of ways such as through cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, forming alliances with various possible enterprise, the pursuit of cultivating the core competitiveness of enterprises in key links of value.

Enterprise vision

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